Web design as personal medium

Web is formed by integrating ingredients like scripts, pieces of code that are linked together using hyperlinks, resulting in an endless net of connected, encrypted information. Hence it is obvious that web is technical in nature, and the important fact is that the perfect “User Interface” makes it easier to use even by the common man who is not technical at all. At this point of time I would like to remind you something that Aaron Walter said “Personality will set your brand apart from competitors and help you connect with a passionate audience.”

Factors to consider about:-

Identity and authenticity: when you receive a greeting card from the one whom you love, the first thing you checkout for is, what he/she has written in the card rather than how beautiful the card is, if it is computer-texted obviously you will be little dull because what you expect is his/her hand written notes. Likewise in case of web, if you have used freehand drawings, sketched elements, and handwritten notes that is something more authentic and trust worthy. Because the content that comes from the mind helps you create an identity and stay authentic.

Look and feel: you brand or product must reflect the personality as well as it should produce unique look and feel which can be obtained through hand-drawn contents. Better use “mockups” that reproduces the experience of sketching with “wireframing” tool so that stakeholder’s won’t get distracted by little details because such a tool focuses on “what is really important”.


consider this logo, from the chameleon, if a person who is not techical can understand that it represents transformation of the code written in the editor, more over the sketchy representation of the logo attracts the attention of a user and reflets the creative nature of what you can do with this editor, see, that’s the importance of sketched elements/hand-drawn contents.

Personality: hand drawn elements always reflects the way human thinks, so either your app or website must contain free-hand drawings,that obviously will picturize real people hidden behind the contents of those apps/websites.

Information and content: users always love to visit a site which is really informative and entertaining.

Explain features: some concepts are really hard to express in words but the can be well portraited using images. So in your websites,apps give importance to hand-drawn icons or simple sketches to explain some important concepts which is really hard to express in words, because pictures helps in having a direct communication with the visitors of your website/app. When all the features are explained superbly, definitely all the users will be surfing your site for every single content.

Visualize workflows:

Consider this hand-drawn representation of a workflow, if the workflow is represented visually like this, you can create an impression in your client that you have done an excellent homework on your product/site and you are quite familiar with what to do in your work to make it successful if though you don’t have a clear idea about your work. More over such visualization gives the client a feel that they are involved in the process, that’s something really fantastic from the view point of a developer.

Guide users: you may ask me what is the difference between icons downloaded from the system and hand-drawn icons?. I would like to ask you in turn which one is better icons that look sterile and technical or the icons that look personal. Definitely you will answer me “that looks personal” that’s it. When it is about guiding users; icons helps in navigating a website or an app.

About the team:

Compare these two images. What do you feel? You are somewhat attracted to the second image isn’t it? Web is really a scary place, the person whom you deal with in a web, may not exist for real, and there is also a possibility you may never met them throughout the deal, so as a web developer the three things that he should keep in mind is, be likeable, be trustworthy, be real. It is really important that how you describe your team members in your website. That is the main point. You should follow one of these two images for your team representation. The first one gives an impression that someone entered your company and took photos of all the members, and arranged them as Polaroid. The second one gives an impression that they can be trusted and exist for real so not to worry about viewing their site.


Conclusion: entertain your users, engage them, invite them and finally reflect the human qualities…