Virtual Presenter Hologram Technology

Virtual Presenter hologram is an ideal medium to deliver a promotional message to your visitors, customers or guests. With content entirely up to your discretion, the Virtual Mannequin can be an actor, staff member, personality or caricature.

Our virtual presenter hologram projection video provides high contrast, ultra-wide viewing angles in all lighting conditions with high resolution holographic displays. These characteristics, together with the capability to cut the film to any size and shape.

With the 3d holographic projection will your brand personality in the physical world to help you attract, automate, and analyze customer engagements.

Using the latest hologram video analytics software our Virtual Mannequin can become interactive to deliver targeted messages any point of time.

Virtual Presenter Setup in Dubai

3D Holographic Projection Technology ! An Catch Crowd Attention

Virtual Mannequin Software Dubai
  • Crowd will always pay attention to something interesting to them.
  • A true virtual presenter hologram is a innovative solution for experiencing promotional, advertising and informational messaging which has the inherent ability to react to it’s audience, the environment and create a personal experience for the guest.
  • This is the most sophisticated and best way of conveying information to audience.
  • The other advantage of have an virtual mannequin is that you can port whole system to another place without any difficulty, if you need same virtual holographic presenter anywhere Dubai or else in UAE.

Virtual Presenter Hologram Requirements

We provide the best in class and professional hologram projection in Dubai, below are few of the criteria we consider with setting up the virtual mannequin.

  • A DX70 projector is recommended
  • The virtual mannequin needs to be held rigidly to prevent movements affecting the image. The stand shown in this image worked well
  • Care should also be taken that the holographic presenter stand is rigidly mounted and not affected by vibrations from people moving nearby
  • Alignment of the projected image is simplified by using a plain white board behind the Virtual mannequin during set up
virtual presenter hologram projection