Time Attendance Systems

Time and attendance machine is used by organizations of all sizes, in order to keep track of when employees start and stop their work and also to keep track of the departments where the employees perform their work and it is also important to keep tab on when employees are not working which means vacation, compensation time, jury duty etc. must be recorded. It’s quiet common to keep track of amount of work done, production of items, meals and breaks but some organization also focuses on attendance issues such as who is coming late and who makes a call for taking a leave. Organizations depends on such system because it enables an employer to have full control over employees working hours and thus transcription error, interpretation error and finally intentional errors can be minimized so that over-payments are reduced which ultimately results in gaining profit from labor cost.

Card Time Attendance Systems /Card Time Attendance Machine

Card Based Time Attendance Machine is a standalone card based Time and Attendance Machine which is available at very low price. In spite of its low prices it is performing very efficiently in many organizations in the world.  It can support 30,000 cards means a single machine is sufficient for an organization with 30,000 employees. It could store 50, 0000 transaction records. It will bring you much profits because of its low price.  There is budgeted card based machine with the option to take output through pen drive.  RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Some tags are powered by electromagnetic induction from magnetic fields produced near the reader. Some types collect energy from the interrogating radio waves and act as a passive transponder. Other types have a local power source such as a battery and may operate at hundreds of meters from the reader.) Cards can be used for marking attendance.  Every employee can be given RFID cards which will be uniquely identified by our card based time and attendance machine.

Punched Card Time Attendance System

Punched card attendance system is one of the most popular biometric time clock attendance system. A punch card is a flat and stiff paper with notches cut in it and contains digital information. In punch card attendance system, employees use this punch or proximity card for in and/or out. To use a punch card, employees just need to wave the card near a reader, which then ensures whether the correct person is logging in and/or out. Punch card attendance system prevents the proxy attendance and records the accurate in and/or out time of each employee. Like all good things come along with bad things, punch card attendance system also has a few disadvantages, it has a complex software and hardware and needs expensive machines to install.

Smart Card Time Attendance System

Smart card attendance system is produces accurate results and does not require any salary paid employee for maintenance. Smart card attendance system’s function is based on microcontroller. Companies that use smart card attendance system provide their employees a special card called smart card in which employees’ information along with the access code is stored. What employees need to do is just to enter the smart card into the smart card attendance system device (also referred to as Smart Card Reader), where the assigned code is generated to enroll their attendances.

Face Time Attendance Systems

Face based time clock replaces conventional fingerprint, iris scan and hand readers time clocks, providing a more hygienic and easy to use solution. Such kind of attendance machines verifies an employee’s face in seconds removing the need for time cards, badges, keys or pin numbers. Completely eliminates buddy punching that leads to higher labor costs. With face time attendance, employees simply look into the time clock display and within seconds they are identified and clocked in or clocked out. Machines’ dual camera system performs a 3-D analysis of the 60 facial points that are unique to each employee. These groups of facial points are recorded and stored as data algorithms in the time clock. As a result, employee’s images are collected only as digitally encoded information, so they cannot be reproduced as a photographic image. When the face time attendance machine is connected to an Ethernet network, online time and attendance solution can automatically poll the time clock and seamlessly transfer employee punch data into to the online database for editing, running reports and exporting to popular payroll solutions. If you don’t have an Ethernet network, you can set up the face based biometric time clock as stand-alone unit that lets you upload employee info or download punch data using just a standard USB flash drive.

Finger Print Time Attendance System

Fingerprint Time Attendance Systems Basic Functionality

With fingerprint biometric time clocks, the system identifies points where fingerprints intersect or end and then a map of these points is created. This map of coordinates is referred to as the biometric template. When an employee uses the time clock, the system maps his or her fingerprint intersections and end points. The system then compares it to the biometric templates contained within the system. Only enrolled employees can be identified. If all of the coordinates are identified when the employee punches, it confirms the ID and allows the transaction to be processed. If the template does not match any of the biometric templates contained within the system, the transaction is denied. The technology used in biometric systems cannot be used for any purpose other than for access control and time and attendance. Since no personal information beyond the biometric template and employee number is involved, there is no risk of any sensitive information being compromised in any shape or form. That’s why, with fingerprint biometric time and attendance solutions, you can rest assured your personal information and biometric data are safe and secure. There are two types of technologies commonly used for fingerprint biometric identification: capacitive and image-based. Capacitive scanners work like touchscreens; an electronic pulse senses the ridges of fingerprints to map-out merge and end-points. Image-based scanners take a picture of the fingerprint to create the biometric template.

How to use Time Attendance Systems?

Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine records time attendance by identifying fingerprints. Compared with proximity card time attendance machine, its most advantage is to avoid pinch card, needn’t buy the card. Now, fingerprint recognition technology has been relatively stable, the use range is widely. Below are the proper use ways of Fingerprint Time Attendance machine: Before pressing your finger, notice your finger is clean, without any dirt or possible chemical corrosion on it, ensure the one-time successful rate of Fingerprint Time Attendance. Fingerprint Time Attendance machine will not work for the dry or too cold finger, try again after your handling about these. Place the registered finger on the brush fingerprint board flatly, voice prompt” Thank You” means operating successfully. If not, you should put your finger again, or use your backup fingerprint brush. Brush fingerprint to touch the fingerprint sensor board as large as possible, without Raising, Scraping, Sliding, and Shake, Pulling the mirror or other activities. When brush your fingerprint, if the time attendance machine cannot recognize the fingerprint or cannot work normally, please inform the Human Resources Department of taking the remedial measures, otherwise you will be deemed for not attendance. When your normal use fingerprints or backup fingerprints don’t work well for different reasons, please come to the Human Resources Department to re-register your fingerprints. The staff whose fingers peel seriously, or the ten fingers cannot be captured accurately, can come to the Human Resources Department to be audited to get the personal password, and it can time attendance by the personal password till his fingerprint is available. Please don’t press the keypad of the attendance machine randomly, after pressing the fingerprint successfully, please don’t repeat or indiscriminately brush your fingerprint.