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Alex White

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Smart Homes in Dubai

Little is known of Dubai previous to its oil discovery, yet the seventh Emirate (after 1971) has always been present in world history. During oil development, it became one of the fastest growing cities on earth and its authorities have made sure that this city continues on that fast track, and projecting that image to the world.

Dubai is currently well known for its modern development. With its skyscrapers, luxury buildings and its foreign-born population, it became a captivating technological center right away, leading to some major technology advances. So, there is no surprise to find Smart Homes (Home Automation) tendency is in the top of the list for easy living technology, especially in this capital city where its inhabitants are seeking to enhance their lifestyle. Making this, a good reason for top field companies to established here to stay. 

Smart Homes or Home Automation – A bridge to the future

The advantages of Smart Home systems are enormous. Not only facilitating people’s way of living by controlling lighting, climate, curtains or appliances, but making an impact in other relevant areas such as personal security and property value. You can have anything installed, from a small console that control lights in your room to a full-scale home automation that includes nature sound for your garden activated by one given iPhone command. Advantages that Emiratis cannot reject.

In Dubai, this tendency has gone upward due to its advantages and budget adaptability. Some of the most important Smart Home companies are present in the UAE’s market and one of them it’s INSTEON.


INSTEON is a home improvement company that has developed top of the line product and apps to make life easier. Its wide range of bridging options, budget and needs adaptability, connecting home solutions, makes them an excellent choice when taking the important step of upgrading your lifestyle.

The company systems are designed for all type of people. From non-savvy tech simple humans to hardcore techies. Your can browse through INSTEON’s website, choose the products that are suitable for you, place an order and installed them yourself. A pretty easy process, right?

But Emiratis in Dubai want and need more. Living in one of the most luxurious and fast growing cities in the world, products must suit ALL their needs. Check out these options:


1-INSTEON Hub: Easy to set up device for home automation, controls and monitors your home and enables current clients to check out real-time information through their tablet or smartphone

2-INSTEON Hub Pro Homekit Enabled: It’s a homekit-enabled system that controls and manages all Insteon and other homekit devices through iPhone, iPad or iPod using the Insteon+ App.

3- INSTEON Hub Pro Alljoyn-Compatible for developers: It’s a device that allows you to manage over two hundred Insteon devices using a unique framework, the Alljoyn.

INSTEON Products

All hubs are designed to give you control over your home, just by a mobile device command. These hubs were thoughtfully complemented with a very wide range of products that include LED Bulbs, plug in devices, remotes, wall switches, thermostats, wall outlets, WIFI cameras, sensors, embedded devices, door locks, range extenders, energy monitoring devices, wall plates, computer interfaces and many more. 

INSTEON Technology

Home system is fully completed by adding the one-of-a-kind, patented Insteon’s Dual- Mesh technology, that makes signal travel further without less interruptions than any other Smart Home’s technologies and thanks to the company’s Dual Band, powerline and WiFi obstructions are almost a thing of the past.

Finally, potential obstacles in your property that might interfere with your new home wireless control; are sorted out by using a wireless radio and your home existing power wiring lines all at the same time. The result is a wireless reliability that only INSTEON can provide with no match. They provide customers with the best of Dubai’s market offering Dual-Band technology, Mesh Network, Peer to peer network, Simulcast (a broadcast like system) and Statelink technology.

Making your home “smarter” is a step that Emiratis would want to take because of its meaning: Ease of living, control, security, property value, cosiness, adaptability and many other advantages.

Changing life to easier ways, along with needs and budget adaptability, home automation or homes becoming “Smart Homes” is a sure thing in Dubai’s future, thanks to INSTEON.