Shopping Online

Shopping “online” has become the trend now and its cool knowing even kids’ purchases their bags, shoes, books etc. when it’s the time to back to school through internet. We feel amazing when we can purchase anything we want, from home, and if we get things at our door steps; that is what online shopping is all about. Online shopping is really a convenient way to buy things because we can avoid traffic and crowds and that’s the best part of it.

Online contracts are classified as distance contract. Here in online shopping, trader (service provider, seller) communicates with consumer (natural person who requested for a particular product) electronically, which means they lack of simultaneous, physical and actual presence. Consumer usually sits in front of a screen, then he searches for the product he wishes to buy, he selects the product by clicking in the web store or by sending an email. From the side of consumer, to do virtual purchasing he/she needs to complete the preliminary registration on the website, in which they are looking for their product, so that they can have a look on different offers provided by the website, they can select the product and add the product to their shopping cart or they can either refresh or cancel the products in their cart and finally submission of the order by checking the conditions of the performance and delivery. When trader receives the order from the consumer, he/she is obliged to send an electronic acknowledgement to the consumer.

Internet can be practically termed as “endless market”, because it’s easy for a consumer living in any country of the world to get into a contractual relation with a trader operating in any other country of the world. And this aspect refers to something like “cross-border online shopping”, cross-border purchase is when the consumer buys goods from any web trader settled anywhere in the world outside his/her country of residence. Due to the differences in language and legislation environment, furthermore sometimes in commercial traditions it is particularly essential to consider whether to buy the selected product from a web store operated by a foreign trader.

Online shopping has benefits in many ways, consumers can order product from their home or workplace so that they can save their energy and time because it’s not necessary to dress up and drive to your favorite physical store. Moreover online shopping websites comes with items at cheaper prices and that’s what everyone really looking for. The next fact is that as in physical store, consumers never have to worry about limited number of stocks, when it’s about shopping websites. And the best part is you want feel pressure to buy things and no one starring at you while you are looking for product so that you don’t get embarrassed to select particular products which means shopping websites offers discreet shopping. And you can compare the price of products with physical stores and with different websites, so that you buy them in favorable conditions.

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