TOA DP-K1 CE301Digital Signal Processor

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TOA DP-K1 CE301Digital Signal Processor features an Automatic Resonance Control function that automatically generates an optimum filter curve to improve sound clarity after measuring the acoustic characteristics in architectural space. It permits flexible configuration of inputs and outputs, from 2-IN/4-OUT to 8-IN/8-OUT using the optional modules. Each function is set by a PC using the dedicated software. The settings can be stored in the unit’s internal memory and the stored preset memories can be recalled from the unit without connecting the PC.

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TOA DP-K1 Digital Signal Processor

Power Source 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption 40 W (450 mA)

Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz, ±1 dB (+4 dB* input)

Input Max. 8 channels, modular construction (modules optional)

Output Max. 8 channels, modular construction (modules optional)

IO Configuration
2-IN/4-OUT, 2-IN/8-OUT, 4-IN/4-OUT, 4-IN/8-OUT, 6-IN/4-OUT,
6-IN/8-OUT, 8-IN/4-OUT, 8-IN/8-OUT

Automatic Resonance Control Function Parametric equalizer: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, ±12 dB, Q: 0.267 – 69.249

Operating Temperature +5 ℃ to +40 ℃ (41 ゜F to 104 ゜F)

Dimensions 482.6 (W) × 132.6 (H) × 320 (D) mm (19″ × 5.22″ × 12.6″) (excluding projection)

Weight 7.4 kg (16.3 lb)


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