TOA D-911 VCA Fader Unit

5,653 د.إ

The D-911 is a dedicated VCA fader unit designed for use with the D-901 Digital Mixer, etc. Connecting the D-911 to the D-984VC, VCA control module permits the volume control of all channels and contact controls.

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Power Supply 5 V DC (supplied from the optional D-984VC)

Connector RJ45 connector × 8

Input Fader Control Input fader (100 mm) × 12

Output Volume Control Output volume control × 8

Contact Control Illuminated switch × 8

Remote Output No-voltage make contact output (contact capacity: 30 V DC, 4 A)

Remote Switch Seesaw switch for activating the remote function of the power distributor

Dimensions 482.6 (W) × 177 (H) × 61.3 (D) mm (excluding projection)

Weight 2.7 kg


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