TOA AT-12UP Attenuator

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The TOA AT-12UP volume control is a model in which the attenuator allows you to increase performance, and the volume has twelve steps, which greatly simplifies operation. The regulator can be connected to loudspeakers whose voltage is 70 or 100 volts. At the same time, the model has received full compliance with the well-known switches and accessories of the GIRA brand.

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input range 0.5 – 12 W

Volume control stepped, 12 positions

Used cable 600 V vinyl insulated cable (internal vinyl or flame retardant vinyl internal cable)

Conductor: Ø 0.8 – Ø 1.2 mm

Stranded cable (7 strands): 0.75 – 1.25 mm?

Terminal Push connector (block)

Mounting hole dimensions About 50 mm

Manufacturer TOA (Japan)


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