TOA AM-1B Real Time Steering Array Microphone System

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TOA AM-1B Real Time Steering Array Microphone System, Black, Built-in Voice Detection/Tracking Sensor, Voice Capture From Up to 3 Meters and to Tracking Range Angles Up to 180 Degrees
The AM-1B Real-time Steering Array Microphone System has achieved the unique function of detecting the sound source location and steering its angle automatically in real-time to capture the targeted sound more efficiently. In addition, the special user-friendly app allows the user to monitor live, status of the sound source tracking, and make real-time changes to setting parameters.

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Power Source: 24V DC/200 mA
Frequency Response: 150 Hz – 18k Hz
Directivity (Beam width): 50°
Max. Cable Length: 200 ft/70 m
Applicable Cable: STP AES/EBU digital audio cable
Mute Function: Mechanical mute switch
Dimensions: 19.1″W x 0.78″H x 2.36″D

Control Unit:
Power Source: 24V DC/400 mA
S/N (Microphone): Over 90dB
Input: Microphone input (audio and communication), female XLR 3P x 1
Audio Output: +4dBu/-10dBV (selectable), male XLR 3P x 2 AES/EBU 24bit 110, male XLR 3P x 1
Network Port: RJ45
Accessory: AC adapter


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