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Home Automation System

We are providing a software with most easiest interface, also for smartphone application which is specially designed for your home or office. You can separate control for each room, can configure remotes for each device, and best mode when ever you required.required. Pre-scheduling the events are the best feature. you can select your events or Mode whenever you required.

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Home Automation System or villa automation system includes Lighting Control, AC, Sound Systems, window curtain and Camera control in a single application . You can consume 30% off your power consumption by proper usage , which makes Home Automation is green


Office automation will brings a perfect ambiance by lighting and temperature control also the security systems. You setup best meeting room by integrating you projector, screen into smart system. Also you can schedule which mode is required for each time .


Ambiance of the room, sound system, lighting of each customer will deffer from the other. Easy customization feature of our automation system brings more good review to your business. Also we have a centralized room service panel makes customer more comfortable.

Lighting Control

Smart Home can make a green and Elegant lighting by smart lighting control. Lighting control feature can control On/OFF. also you can change lighting ambiance by  Dimming, Customized color in easy manner by using your smart phone or smart switch

Speaker and TV

Home Automation couldn’t finish without making speakers and Tv inside the smart system. For a better sound ambiance .We have a special module to control sound system and Tv such a way that it can produce good output.

Smart home Application

You will be using 20 to 30 different devices inside your home and each will be have seperate switches and remotes. One your home is automated you don’t need to carry all this, we will replace all with smart application can install in your smart phones.

Great company in terms of management.
Dedicated Workers Finished my complete project by 2 weeks, Providing only quality products, good support team, no difficulties till now. I appreciate your service.


I introduced 3 of my friends about ITrust Systems and they all are happy in their services.

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