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Security Camera and Surveillance System for Business

Dubai has been a tourist attraction for many years and now the upcoming International Expo 2020 has turned Dubai into a city of opportunities for businesspersons too. This took the numbers of businesses in Dubai at is still going up. However, it is to notice here that Dubai has not yet comprised on the city’s security even when controlling a huge number of visitors. One of the core reasons of commitment to security is the usage of CCTV cameras all over the city but finding the best CCTV installer in Dubai is the real deal.

What basically a CCTV Camera is:

Closed Circuit Television cameras commonly known as CCTV cameras are basic component of camera surveillance system. This invention of Marie Brown produces images and video recordings for surveillance purposes. Technological enhancements have made the product more worthy now by adding the ability to record audio in its feature list.

CCTV cameras are now a cheap and reliable matter for fulfilling security needs. The installation is a one time job and needs some basic components. Three core components of a CCTV surveillance system includes camera (number of cameras vary according to the requirement of area which needs to be covered), a little cabling and a computer.

Types of CCTV Cameras:

CCTV cameras are basically of two types i.e. Analogue or Digital:

Analogue Cameras:

Analogue cameras are the ones who use analogue signals to transmit the images into the tape recorder. The major flow of the using analogue cameras is that the tape recorder must work and roll very slow in terms to stretch a 3 hours long tape as long as possible. Usually a tape was used for 24 hours and was replaced with a fresh one every day. Besides this the picture quality isn’t up to the mark as the slow moment of the tape turns pictures blur. This is a traditional way to record things for surveillance purposes. It is difficult to find any CCTV installer in Dubai who still uses analogue cameras as these cameras has been replaced and the competitive market of Dubai won’t allow people to still take help of analogue cameras to serve the security needs of the city.

Digital Cameras:

Digitals cameras are used widely as CCTV cameras all around the Dubai as these doesn’t require any video tape to record things. The task now is done by saving the images and recordings directly to computer. Cabling is done between the networks of cameras which are then connected to a monitoring computer. Images are of better quality and so do the recordings. However, the quality of the images taken could be turned better and better by replacing old CCTV cameras to the latest models.

Models Available to CCTV Installer in Dubai:

It is important to know about the variety of available CCTV cameras so that one can choose a perfect option for themselves. There are varieties of types available for CCTV cameras and they all are good for different things. Box cameras, ptz cameras, dome cameras, speed dome cameras are just some of the types. Almost all the cameras are good for both day and night recordings. Plus, you may found manual and auto focus options with these cameras.

Factors need to be considered:

There are certain factors which can affect your choice to choose the best camera for you.

Size of the coverage area: This is important to make sure that the images captured are of high quality even of the person standing at the other corner.

Distance: If the distance is huge then one may not get clear image of the object. In this case a resolution camera should be used to cover up the distance.

Location: It is seen the criminals take the surveillance system with them after attempting crime. But the smart location for camera installation makes that device out of their sight which does the job.

There are many other factors which you must consider. It is advised to consult a professional CCTV installer which can do all the homework on his own.

Final words:

According to a study it is found that most of the crime took place in the areas which were not covered with CCTV cameras. It is advised to make all the security checks before operating in such an area. For Dubai in particular, keep a contact saved for the best CCTV installer in Dubai so that he could help you out in fulfilling your security needs.


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