How to Get Home Cinema Experiance in Dubai


Founded on the concept that true cinema can be experienced beyond the four walls of your local movie theatre – the I-Trust Systems Home Cinema system is designed to be an extension of the cinema experience: rich, dynamic, and fun.

Now, you can bring the grand cinema experience to your home – without having to book tickets in advance or buy overpriced popcorn.

It’s just like the cinema – but you can always choose the best seats and snacks.

Experience every detail, Feel every emotion.

This is the idea that guides every component of the iTrust Home Cinema system, as we focus on capturing the energy and dynamism of the big screen and channeling it into one convenient package.


So how does the magic happen?

Our special system is comprised of three strategic pillars:

Including 3D surround sound to capture every sonic detail, a rich 4K screen, and an overall immersive experience.



Arranging a movie date with friends or family can be a difficult task – sometimes people are busy, unable to stay out late, or working random hours.

But with the home cinema system – you can start screenings at a time that suits everyone.

It’s a great way to enjoy the party atmosphere while showing off your new system to your friends.

You’ll be sure to impress every pair of eyes and ears that experiences your new iTrustSystems Home Cinema System.

And what’s more? If you’re unsure of which system to choose, our seasoned team will help you to choose a design depending on the room space

High performance audio

When it comes to achieving the true cinema feel, there’s nothing quite as critical as having high quality sound.

Nothing compares to the sound quality of our floor standing speakers. They offer the highest quality sound reproduction and are the ideal choice for high-resolution audio.

Rich bass, and dynamic surround sound are the unrivalled features of this component.

The Superior Cinema

Unlike catching a movie, you can enjoy the intimate environment of your own home. You can talk, move, and pause the movie at your own leisure. No more missing the movie for a bathroom break.

Magic for Music

The home cinema system isn’t just meant for movies – you can crank up your favorite albums or even new releases with the stunning sound quality.

 Unforgettable Experience

With every component included in this system, you can host unforgettable evenings that will be unlike any other average dinner party.

Movies, music, gaming?

It can all be experienced in its full glory.

You don’t need to dedicate an entire room to our system – we have ranges to suit everyone’s space and budget.

Whether you want to go all out, or you want a premium set up in your modest space, we have the system for you.


Our system brings full dynamism right to your door.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Contact us to let us know your unique requirements
  • A member of our team will let you know your options
  • Once the order is placed, hold tight and await the cinematic marvel.


Let I-Trust Systems upgrade your home movie experience by upgrading you to something that immerses you in surround-sound.