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Acoustic Panels

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Make Child’s Play Out of Insulating Rooms

Who says acoustic panels have to stick directly to the walls or ceiling? This entertainment space makes great use of EchoStars suspended from the ceiling to help keep the sound where it belongs while providing a fun and geometric aspect to the room’s design.

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Make the Color of Your Walls the Loudest Thing in the Space

Traditional hard surfaces typically used in conference rooms often produce a lot of echo. Specially curved, decorative, textured acoustic panels not only help to improve the appearance of the room, but also provide great sound absorption to make the space more functional and audible.

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Reasons to Choose
Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels could help with the reduction of noise around us and have several benefits such as:

  • Improving Wall Aesthetics

  • Sound transparency Improvement
  • Improves Productivity In Organizations
Build A Welcoming Environment
Enhance Acoustics In A Room
Improves Office Privacy
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Why choose
extreme sports

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Helping increase mental focus

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Get different body muscles work

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Burn upto 500 Calories per hour

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Overcome fear and manage skills

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Mark Thomas
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Bill Kennedy
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Tina Luyben
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Have Your Patterned Cake and Eat It in Silence, Too
You’ll never have to choose between visual and sound design with patterned acoustic panels or Mura Fabric. Now you can enhance the look and style of any room while helping to enhance the sound patterns of your space with screen printed panels that can complement any space – from a traditional living room to a modern nightclub.
Stay with it and turn down the volume in style
Create a unique visual look from traditional to contemporary with Penta Geometry peel and stick acoustic tiles. Pentagons are a classic shape that has graced walls and floors for decades. Layer them in a traditional floral or plaid pattern, or create a simple yet dramatic statement in bold colors and an ombre effect while reducing echo and reverberation in your space.
Make Sound Cease to the Be the Reason You Can’t Study
Carrellas, study desks and office cubicles are all areas that can benefit from a little acoustic control. These attractive EchoPanel Wrap Partitions are easy to attach with clips or magnets to desks, benches and other areas, so you can create the perfect work environment in no time.
Urban, Industrial, and Seamlessly Intuitive
Urban spaces such as coffee shops have difficulty echoing and transmitting sound. And more traditional acoustic paneling doesn’t match the style or feel of the space. These EchoFold acoustic sound panels are made to look like corrugated metal, however they are the perfect addition to urban and industrial style spaces while helping to reduce some of the noise that can reverberate in these open spaces.
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What People Are Saying

I’ve used these to absorber sound in a room with generators. It’s a great improvement. (They don’t kill sound — they just absorb a lot of it.) Other reviewers have recommended the 3M super spray glue — that’s what I used, and it’s worked great. Nothing has fallen off or gotten loose.

The Handyman

I have a teenage gamer and this really helps block out the noise in my room. I never heard his TV. First I added foam to the panel. Sometimes I can hear him yelling, but it’s really muffled. The best investment.

Sierray Williams

This product is awesome totally recommend so far pretty good👍

Alex Haysman