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Smart Home become famous now in the UAE and  it’s simply linking the electrical system of the home to the local network, so you can give orders to various electrical appliances in the home through the mobile or screens placed on the wall.

Managed Centrally

 Wirelessly Connects

Smart Applications


Dear UAE  smart home owner, there is no need now to leave your pillow to see who is at the door or to return to the house again when you have forgotten to make sure the doors are locked or not, or to ask whoever may visit us now, Through our solutions for the intercom connected on the mobile, you will receive an instant alert When your guest presses the external intercom button, you will be able to lock all doors while you are sitting on your comfortable couch, and you will schedule lock and unlock times, all with the click of a button from your smartphone.

Isn’t that cool?


Never worry about your home being safe with quick alerts when a security breach occurs


Did you know that you can get instant alerts on your mobile phone when any movement occurs at night in the backyard of your home?

Control coffee machine, home oven, and electric fridge remotely with the utmost safety

Home appliances control

With our smart solutions any home appliance with a plug in it will have a smart mind, what do you think? Smart oven? Smart refrigerator!?

Door Contacts sends instant alerts when there is no contact between the two ends of the door

Door Contacts

Watch there is an unlocked door? Be careful, is there an open window? Please close the door to the pool, your family deserves safety.


Surprise, you think that all this is full of complexity, of course not.. we work to make your life simpler and more enjoyable, all of that scheduled, external lighting scheduled, lighting and automatic temperature according to your convenience

Smart Home

Make Your House Smart

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Home. We can also help you find the best solution fit your requirements.